Examples of Illegal Moves

  1. You put your own checker on the bar, instead of bearing it off.
  2. You put your opponent’s checker off the board, instead of bearing your checker off.
  3. You played your opponent’s checker from the bar to the board, instead of bringing in your own checker.
  4. You hit and picked up a checker, but placed it off the board, not on the bar.
  5. You hit and picked up a checker, and placed it on the bar, but it falls onto a point, or you inadvertently placed it on the board but not on the bar.
  6. You moved your opponent’s checker(s), instead of your own.
  7. On your turn, you hit the clock without rolling when it was possible for you to play one or more rolls.
  8. You put a checker on the bar that was not hit.
  9. You removed from the board a checker that could not be borne off legally.
  10. You removed from the bar a checker that could not enter legally.
  11. You tapped an opposing checker, indicating a hit, but neglect to pick up the checker before ending your turn.
  12. You did not move at all when there was a legal play.
  13. You enter a checker from the bar with a forced hit, but neglect to place your opponent’s checker on the bar.
  14. A player with possible legal moves is required to roll the dice and does not forfeit their turn if they inadvertently hit the clock prior to rolling the dice.