Congratulations Winners

[whohit]Congratulations Winners[/whohit]

2017 Weekly and Monthly Events
April 8 – Weekly (9 players): 1st–Dan M., 2nd–Marc E., 3rd–Mary W.
March 30 – Weekly: No tourney
March 19 – Monthly: (14 players): 1st–Lynda C., 2nd–Greg K., 3rd–Tom C.
March 16 – Weekly (6 players): 1st–Marc E., 2nd–Lynda C., 3rd–John ?.
March 2 – Weekly (9 players): 1st–Lynda C., 2nd–Marc E., 3rd–Tom C.
Feb 16 – Weekly (8 players: 1st–Marc E., 2nd–Larry D., 3rd–Tom C.
Feb 2 – Weekly (8 players): 1st–Tom C., 2nd–Lynda C., 3rd–Mary W.
Jan 19 – Weekly (8 players: 1st–Lynda C., 2nd–Parker M., 3rd–Joanne S.

Fall Classic Tournament
October 23, 2016; Denver, Colorado
Open (16): 1-Richard Siebold, 2-Dave Zick (CO), 3-Tom Christner
Limited (4): 1-Devon Wall

2016 Colorado Championships American Backgammon Tour (ABT)
September 23-25, 2016; Denver, Colorado
Open (16): 1-Dave Zick (CO), 2-Charlie Raichle (CO); 1C-Jack Edelson (WI), 2C-Jonah Seewald (CO).
Advanced (11): 1-Denny Leatherman (CO), 2-Chuck Higgins (CO); 1C-Eric Pfenning (CO), 2C-David Taniguchi (CA).
Novice (3): 1-Jay Shaeffer (CO).
Continental Divide Masters Jackpot (8): 1-Jonah Seewald (CO), 2-Ed O’Laughlin (VA).
Royal Gorge Limited Jackpot (4): 1-Lynda Clay (CO), 2-Proctor Ritchie (AZ).
USBGF Blitz (16): 1/2: Ray Fogerlund (NV) / Ed O’Laughlin (VA).

Weekly and Monthly Events
Weekly: Nov 5, 2014 ():
Weekly: Oct 30, 2014 (11 players): 1st: Tom C., 2nd: Parker M., 3rd: Greg K.
Weekly: Oct 16, 2014 (14 players): Winners of foursomes: Tom C., Lynda C., Larry D., Ed G.
Weekly: Oct 2, 2014 (13 players): 1st: Lawrence W., 2nd: Ethan N., 3rd: Jonah S / Parker M.
Monthly: Sept 27, 2014 (9 players): 1st: Michael G., 2nd: Lynn L., 3rd: Bob L.
Weekly: Sept 18, 2014 (13 players):  1st: Larry D., 2nd: Lynn L., 3rd: Lynda C.

State Tournaments (non-ABT) Events (multiple finalists)

Year Open 1st Open Finalist Open3rd / 4th Open Cons 1st Open Cons Finalist Novice 1st Novice Finalist
2014 Jonah Seewald Parker McClure Greg Kurrell / Chuck Higgins Michael Ginat Ethan Nissani Lou Scalmanini Edward Onny
2013 Jonah Seewald Charlie Raichle Lynn Lusk David Hart
2012 Michael Ginat Charlie Raichle Jonah Seewald David Franco
2010 Richard Siebold Lynn Lusk

Note:  See below for 2006 and prior years

American Backgammon Tournament (ABT) Events
ABT – September 30-October 2, 2011; Aurora, Colorado
OPEN (16): 1-Alfred Mamlet (MD), 2-Bob Lekse (CO); 1C-Greg Cottle (NV).
ADVANCED (15): 1-Penina Rosenblum (NM), 2-Joe Potts (TX); 1C-Neal Weiner (FL).
NOVICE (4): 1-Kathy Weiner (FL), 2-Caitlyn Christner (CO), 3-Paul Mondani (CO).

ABT – September 25-27, 2009; Aurora, Colorado
OPEN (22): 1-Larry Taylor (GA), 2-Ed Rosenblum (NM); 1C-Alfred Mamlet (MD).
ADVANCED (14): 1-Patty Geoffroy (MA), 2-Lynn Lusk (CO); 1C-Ed Gazvoda (CO).
NOVICE (10): 1-Myra Chapman (CO), 2-Allan Peterson (CO); 1C-Barbara McIntyre (NM).

ABT – September 26-28, 2008; Aurora, Colorado
OPEN (32): 1-Jeremy Bagai (CA), 2-Alfred Mamlet (MD); 1C-Carter Mattig (IL), 2C-Rich Siebold (CO); 1LC-Neil Kazaross (IL).
ADVANCED (19): 1-Lawrence Wilson (CO), 2-Marc Emrich (CO); 1C-Neville Kerr (Australia/CO), 2C-Mark Stone (CO); 1LC-Ed Gazvoda (CO).
NOVICE (8): 1-Jerry Golley (CO), 2-Gloria McCracken (CO); 1C-Bart Guim (CO).

ABT – September 28-30, 2007; Denver, Colorado
OPEN (32): 1-Richard Munitz (NY), 2-Neil Kazaross (IL); 1C-Charlie Raichle (CO), 2C-Bill Davis (IL); 1LC-Greg Kurrell (CO).
ADVANCED (18): 1-Dave Settles (IL), 2-Dan Pelton (AZ); 1C-Mark Stone (CO); 1LC-Tammi Cohen (CO).
NOVICE (4): 1-Andrew Mair (CO).

State Tournaments (non-ABT) Events (single finalist)
2006 Parker McClure (single winner)
2005 Adam Bennett (single winner
2004 Lawrence Wilson (single winner)
2003 Bruce Penrod
2002 Denny Leatherman
2001 Greg Kurrell
2000 Charlie Raichle