Welcome to Colorado Backgammon (a USBGF Prime Club)

2022 Wild West Shootout!

BG Friends,

Last year was unlike any year most of us have ever experienced.  I am grateful to each and every one of our club members for their support, dedication and commitment during these difficult times.  Your steadfast fortitude to still play the game we love (virtually of course), every day for some, tourneys for others, has been awe inspiring.  The Colorado Backgammon Club has enjoyed the opportunity to play in many events, both locally and nationally, while continuing to support the USBGF and making a name for ourselves as a club to be reckoned with.

In spite of the challenges last year brought, our club membership has actually grown slightly, and we have much to look forward to this year. I expect to see some fantastic backgammon opportunities in the near future for the Colorado Backgammon Club and all USBGF members.

Colorado Backgammon (Prime Club)

We are working to sponsor Novice and Intermediate player only events each quarter.  These events will include free online tournaments, rules review, general strategy, as well as opportunities to work with other club members (dates and events to be announced).  If future tournament play is something you might be interested in, these events will absolutely be of help.  If you are just interested in being more involved in the local backgammon community, there will be something for you as well, including meeting other club members.

A new look for our web site is coming in fall of 2021, which will provide more information on upcoming tournaments and events, rules, tips, and resources for both online and live play.

New revised 2021 league for all USBGF members is in high gear, including a chance to race for the coveted custom Player of the Year Doubling Cube. League play occurs LIVE on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays and specialty tournaments at the end of each month (Online play is temporarily suspended).

Check out Meetup for dates, times and locations of all league events.

Colorado players had a fantastic showing at the 2021 Wild West Shootout. Check out the results HERE. We’ve already started with the preparations for the 2022 Wild West Shootout September 21-25, which will again include a chance to participate in the BMAB (http://bgmastersab.com/) – The Wild West Shootout is the only ABT tournament in the Rocky Mountain region (https://denverbg.org/).


The Colorado Backgammon Club supports the USBGF initiatives and the focus on growing the game.  As such, we will continue to strive to be a club with 100% membership.  With as little as a $10 quarterly donation to the USBGF, you can enjoy many resources and events the USBGF provides.

With that being said, the USBGF has introduced its new online member tournament section.  This is an automated management system to play in multiple tournament events against other members for monthly points, custom backgammon boards or specialty events.  This is the first piece of a fantastic new website design for the members of our growing backgammon community.  This new site will rival most club sites (sports or gaming) around the world (https://USBGF.org/).

Again, there is much to look forward to.  Of course, be safe and I hope to see you across a backgammon board!

Warmest Regards,

Dan Minardi

Please spend a moment and check out our websites – DenverBG.org and ColoradoBackgammon.com.  The Colorado Backgammon club uses Meetup for all venue information as well as updated tournament details.   Tournament rules governing play are posted on the USBGF website.  We play using the Crawford rule and legal moves.

*All Staff are strictly volunteer. Please contact us if you would like to help.

**100% of any and all donations and / or proceeds go towards maintaining the Colorado and Denver Backgammon programs, MeetUp, and member benefits.

Win with Grace / Lose with Class / Play with Passion